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Santa Barbara Wet Wednesdays

Today we chartered a Catalina Capri 22 and went sailing in the sheltered waters off Santa Barbara. It was one of those hot California summer days and the 8 knots ocean breeze was refreshing and relaxing. At the end of the day we were in the best spot to watch ...

GIT 101 - the beginners guide

Git is a distributed version control system supporting non linear workflows, that focuses on speed and data integrity. Version control systems are essential for any form of distributed, collaborative development. Git is developed and maintained by Linus Torval the creator ...

DRL design flaws.

Daytime Running Lights (DRL) is low beam light that are always on. Depending on the local regulation or the manufacturer these lights are either specific lamps or low beam headlights that are turned on when the vehicle engine is on.

There is some controversy on the security benefits of the ...

HTTP Status codes

1xx informational

  • 100 Client should continue with request
  • 101 Server is switching protocols
  • 102 Server has received and is processing the request
  • 103 resume aborted PUT or POST requests
  • 104 Connection reset by peer the closing a socket result in a RST rather than FIN.
  • 122 URI is longer than ...