DRL design flaws.

Daytime Running Lights (DRL) is low beam light that are always on. Depending on the local regulation or the manufacturer these lights are either specific lamps or low beam headlights that are turned on when the vehicle engine is on.

There is some controversy on the security benefits of the DRL. The goal of my post is not to discuss the benefits or drawbacks of a well-designed DRL system.

Today I am going to point out how some manufacturers badly designed the implementation of DRL in their cars, introducing flaws that can outweigh the security benefits of DRL if any.

Some manufacturers, especially on low-end cars didn't install specific lights for DRL. They wrote a few lines of code in their Electronic Control Unit to turn on the low beam headlights and only the headlights as specified by some countries' laws. The main problem comes from the fact that when these lights are on, the lights in the dashboard are also on.

Because of this design flaw, many people don't realize that they are running with only the low beam headlights. They can see well in front of them, they have no trouble reading their onboard instruments since the dashboard is well lit. The drivers don’t realize that their car has no lights in the back, making it impossible to see it on dark roads or foggy areas and dangerous for other drivers.

I hope the car manufacturers will realize their mistake soon and fix that problem, either by installing a different set of lights or making sure the dashboard is only on when all the vehicle lights are on.

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