Optimizing your code with __slots__

Python like many other dynamic programming languages can be extended. Objects and definitions can be modified at runtime. This gives the developer great power but this power comes at a price.

During the execution two instances of the same object can have different properties. This is why python accesses these ...

HTTP Status codes

1xx informational

  • 100 Client should continue with request
  • 101 Server is switching protocols
  • 102 Server has received and is processing the request
  • 103 resume aborted PUT or POST requests
  • 104 Connection reset by peer the closing a socket result in a RST rather than FIN.
  • 122 URI is longer than ...

Bash Tip - Beware of spaces

Everyone knows that filenames and variables can contain spaces, but when it comes to writing a shell script most of the shell developers seem eager to forget that fact and write scripts that do not safely handle filenames containing spaces.

I can't count the numbers of time I saw ...