Antenna modeling software

Posted by Fred C (W6BSD) on Jan 31 2022

I gave a presentation on antenna modeling software to a couple of clubs in California and Oregon.

From the physical antenna design to the matching network, we designed the antenna live with the participants.

Here is a little more about the talk:

During the first part of the talk, we go through different design hypotheses and the impact they have on radiation patterns and impedance. In the second part, we discuss matching the antenna to the 50Ω impedance of the radio. We also go through different matching solutions to achieve the maximum transfer of power.

It is a full-hour talk aimed at any amateur radio operator interested in going a step further in antenna design and optimization by using modeling software. There is no math, no complex formula. The software does all the math for us.

There are also no slides so I won't link to the pdf of this presentation. It is a live collaborative experience.

If you are interested in giving that talk at your club, don't hesitate to contact me. You will find my email address on my QRZ page. I can also be found at the C4FM room BAYAREA-YSF or on DMR talk-group #311433.

Antenna Patterns
Antenna Patterns

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