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Bias Tee

I have been working on building a remote antenna switch to switch from my 40-10 meter to my 80-40 meter antenna —more on the switch in an upcoming blog post. My remote switch will be sitting at the base of the antennae and needs to be powered by 12-volts. I …

ESP8266 Environment Sensor

Humidity control is essential to make sure your home is healthy and comfortable. Too much humidity is bad but so is too little. In the summer, air conditioning dries up the air. I have been running a humidifier to help mitigate that problem. To ensure it provides enough moisture in …

Garden Lights

At home, I wanted to install lights along the fence to create an ambiance in my backyard. I wanted to have the lights turn on at sunset and turn off a few hours later, entirely automatically. The last requirement was to be able to control the system remotely. I also …

Embedding OpenBSD

For some of my projects such as DNS/DHCP servers, routers, firewalls, NTP Servers, or for some Arduino projects, I embed OpenBSD on small footprint and low power consumption machines.

How SSD works

Everybody thinks SSDs are lightning fast. Of course there are no spinning disk platters and no head positioning. Everything is done in memory therefore they should be fast. But if you use an SSD for your database, you'll start with amazing performance levels that quickly diminish. Here is why. Unlike …

Arduino Temperature and Humidity sensor

This project will show the temperature in C and % of relative humidity of the ambient air on an LCD display.

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