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How to choose a good password?

If re like me, you might find it difficult to come up with a new password every time a website or an app asks you to create an account or change your password. In this post, I'll explain what a bad password looks like and how to create a better one. I'll also describe a few tools that will make managing your passwords simpler. First, Let's go over how not to choose a password: just pick one from the following list of the 150 most used passwords. You can be sure that none of these are secure since hackers will try them.

Two Factor Authentication with SSH & S/Key on OpenBSD

For some time now system administrators have known that password authentication has its shortcomings. Password based authentication depends on password quality and how passwords are handled by users. Considering how easy it is to crack a password system administrators have to rely on Public Key based authentication. Public-key-authentication mitigates the …

Spam filtering with OpenBSD and making spamming a little harder

Spam is the most annoying thing I have to deal with every day on my servers. Only 3-4 spams make it daily all the way to my inbox, but I got tired of thinking about all the energy wasted by sysadmins blocking unwanted messages, so I decided to do something …

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