Digital Voice Presentation

Posted by Fred C (W6BSD) on Oct 09 2021

Every Thursday, the Portland Amateur Radio Club (PARC) organizes a series of conferences called Beginning Ham Radio. These conferences aim to teach new hams all the aspects that ham radio has to offer. This week, the club invited me to talk about the latest and popular Digital Voice modes.

The goal of my presentation was to give an overview of the most popular modes used by ham radio operators, DMR, D-STAR, Fusion. I gave a quick explanation of how these modes work, their differences, pros, and cons.

I would like to thank PARC and his President K2MAX for organizing such conferences and helping new hams to explore all the things our hobby has to offer.

You can view the slides for the presentation by clicking on the image below.

HF Antennae for beginners
Digital Radio

Don't hesitate to come to check the Beginning Ham Radio talks at PARC, they are fun and full of valuable information.

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