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Two Factor Authentication with SSH & S/Key on OpenBSD

For some time now system administrators have known that password authentication has its shortcomings. Password based authentication depends on password quality and how passwords are handled by users. Considering how easy it is to crack a password system administrators have to rely on Public Key based authentication. Public-key-authentication mitigates the …

Embedding OpenBSD

For some of my projects such as DNS/DHCP servers, routers, firewalls, NTP Servers, or for some Arduino projects, I embed OpenBSD on small footprint and low power consumption machines.

Spam filtering with OpenBSD and making spamming a little harder

Spam is the most annoying thing I have to deal with every day on my servers. Only 3-4 spams make it daily all the way to my inbox, but I got tired of thinking about all the energy wasted by sysadmins blocking unwanted messages, so I decided to do something …

Using OpenBSD to build a secure access point

At home I have two networks, one for my family and me and one for my guests. Once you are on the family network you can access our backup server, our music and video server, our printers, etc. The guest network can only access to the internet.

Build you own stratum-1 NTP server for less than $100

You can build a highly accurate Stratum-1 NTP Server for less than $100 using an old Wyse WinTerm, a GPS and a few electronic components.

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