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DMR D-Star cross-mode

In my last article, I wrote about working DMR+ using the DMRGateway module of your Pi-Star hotspot. In this article, I'm going to explain how to use the same DMRGateway module to talk to D-Star networks using your DMR radio. What is cross-mode? When you talk on digital radio, the …

DMR+ with Pi-Star

When it comes to DMR, especially in North America, people think of BrandMeister. There is another network of interconnected repeaters and talk-groups called DMR+. Pi-Star hotspot. DMR+ was the first network that developed tools to interconnect ETSI Tier 2 DMR repeaters. It started in Europe and has grown in popularity …

YSF to DMR Cross mode on Pi-Star

The Pi-Star has the capability of working across digital modes. This means you can use a C4FM (YSF) radio to talk on DMR and vice-versa. You can find the complete list of cross mode capabilities on your Pi-Star configuration page.

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