This Engine Pulls!

Posted by Fred C (W6BSD) on Jul 27 2014

All the motorcycle magazines are praising about the KTM Adventure 1190, for all it's new features and look compared to the previous models.

The powerful LC8 twin engine derived from it's racing sister enables particularly relaxed and comfortable riding or, if required, super sporty propulsion. The ultra-lightweight tubular space frame chassis allows for a pleasant ride a all conditions and at any speed. The combination of a lightweight chassis with an extremely powerful engine makes the KTM 1190 Adventure top of its class in terms of power-to-weight ratio (500 lbs/150 hp).

In a corner, the front tire endures most of the stress of keeping you on your trajectory and the right way up. Block the front wheel and you end up sliding to the asphalt. The new Bosch MSC (Motorcycle Stability Control) sensors measure lean-angle, pitch and braking pressure allow the ABS to distribute the force between the front and the rear wheels in time to prevent the kind of crash described above, making the Bosch MSC the first cornering ABS system.

This engine pulls!

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